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The culture we believe in highlights and questions the fundamental principles of improving life.  Through culture it seeks to address environmental, economic, political and social questions, relationship with the world and with the public.  The develop of culture which makes sense.


Station is a collective entity focused on people.

The vision of a united Europe is on the rebound but is still fragile and in the need of further stimulus.  Hence the importance of European Cultural projects based on new values, current questions and the need to re-invent a new renaissance philosophy.

Is it possible, today, to imagine a city or a town which ignores issues such as mobility, refugees, pensioners, youth, North/South relations, unemployment, the homeless, the 2.0 generation, new ways of consuming and citizen participation?


These are the main vectors which station will explore, advocate and apply.


Our values are co-operation, teamwork, benevolence, open-mindedness, enthusiasm and audacity.
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