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Photo : David Bormans 



Station designates something erect.  A strong, open and welcoming place. 


It impacts all the areas in which we have an interested.  It allows us to knock down barriers between disciplines and develop a multi-disciplinary approach. ​

By linking science and environment, it is a place to observe, create and implement, a meteorology and climatic station.


In the face of social challenges with its strong links to the public, it is a local station.

Station communicates and connects to modern technology, acting as a transmission station. 

It is a service station.  It supplies the fuel for your project.

With its pan-European vision, Station orbits as a European space station.​

It is not the Station itself which is important but the voyage we will make together between stations.

what is it ?

Station supports, manages and creates cultural projects.

A joyful, generous, pertinent and audacious service to the citizen.

Station removes the barriers and creates cross-functional teams based dynamic which unite different sectors: artists, scientific researchers, thought leaders, academia, citizens, companies, social workers etc.

Station seeks to help you develop concrete answers to society’s challenges.

for whom ?

For you,


Public institutions ; towns, regions, provinces, universities

Cultural operators: institutions, associations, artists

Associations: Foundations, citizen movements

Private sector: public and private companies

Do you wish to:

  • define and organize a cultural project or a project around a citizens’ agenda?

  • develop new synergies?

  • find innovative ways of managing your projects?

  • to extend you horizons and benefit from professional advice?

  • to develop a sharp vision for your project.

  • to redefine your communication strategy and skills?

  • to increase your visibility.

Station is here to assist you.
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